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Decor & Decors is one of the leading Interior Decors and Furnishings in Rajahmundry. It has established earlier as a Home Furnishings & grown quickly and became a main competitor to many firms.

Like as every successful firm, we have initiated as a very small firm and never compromised while working which has one thing that we can proudly say.

D&D has gradually became bigger enough to have all the interiors needs at one place.


Whether your space is Home, administrative, Executive or Open plan, we can help you meet your requirements and even service multiple locations.

From window treatments by style selections, floor carpeting, designing kitchen & other rooms, creating new dinning suite, designing bedroom furniture or a luxurious sofas, hall decorations and we do many more for making your home special and spectacular. We've got exactly what you've been looking for.


More than 10 years it's still our passion to invent new and extraordinary interior designs to make your home beautiful.

We have 25 years experience in this field, we have given our quality services right from the beginning that only helps us grown bigger and having a chance to serve more.

Our experienced & creative staff will make your place a heaven and reach will expectations without any flaw. You will repeat the same if you see our work.


We offer wide range of quality items at low prices. We always update ourselves to keep ahead of the emerging market and customer requirements. We deliver a quality product along with we provide a quality service. Decor & Decors offer a wide variety of products that are imported from over 20 countries around the globe. We sell products which are customer's eco friendly. We made our items with environment friendly wood, recycled glass plates and bamboo goods.

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